POPBAR is the chic-est pop you will ever have!

I am an official “popaholic” now! Didn’t know it until last week when I visited the coolest new trend in artisan cold desserts in NYC called Popbar. Artisan ice creams are not new, although very popular, but none are as cool and fun for adults and kids as Popbar, located in the West Village of NYC. I met Reuben Ben Yehuda there, one of the creators and owners of Popbar and he gave me and the kids I brought an amazing tour and tasting of all that Popbar has to offer. Imagine this: the freshest flavors in pops, including peach, passion fruit, mixed berries, mint, coconut, chocolate, pistachio, blood orange, vanilla and much more, available as either gelato, yogurt, or sorbetto pops. That’s not all! Now dip or half dip them in what they call “Poppings” – like dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate (Yup! Its real white chocolate) and then other natural toppings, I mean “poppings” (no gummy bears, or rainbow sprinkles here), chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles, chopped nuts, pistachios, and more. Hundreds, maybe thousands of options; my time there was definitely too short!

Reuben Ben Yehuda, owner of Popbar with all the best GKC tasters

Popbar was opened in May of 2010 by two European Jews, Reuben Ben Yehuda and Daniel Yaghoubi, one from Italy and one from Germany and was immediately recognized and featured by the Food Network. At my visit to Popbar, I asked Reuben, “What makes these pops so fantastic?” He said that they took 2 years developing the concept and recipes. Each flavor is made with fresh ingredients – some from Europe (like the pistachios), and all are made in the store in the West Village so they have total control of taste, texture and the final product. Most of the pops are sold within 24 hours of being made. Also, the experience is so special and specific for each customer, some eat them plain and savor the delicious flavor and others create the most incredible and endless possibilities of combinations. I first had the peach, topped with white chocolate and almonds. So summery, and the hint of rich white chocolate made it decadent. Next I moved on to my daughter’s mixed berry plain, a perfect blend of berries, and then to coconut, which is so impressive. It tastes like real coconut, not highly sweetened unnatural and imitation coconut. I am not sure if people really appreciate the complexity and deliciousness of real coconut but this is it. Dipped in chocolate it was heavenly, without all the calories and fat of ice cream (okay the chocolate dip added a little but, hey, I had to splurge a bit).

There is my white chocolate dipped peach pop!

Popbar pops are not something I want to have every so often when I make it to the village but every night. Lucky for me they make them to go in a six-pack thermal bag and they deliver in NY to homes and businesses. They even do parties with mini-pops all over the Tri-State area including Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. Call them, check them out in NY, or visit their website for details. And go hungry; you will want to taste a bunch!

5 Carmine St. (at 6th Ave.)
New York, NY 10014
212 255 4874

Popbars are kosher certified by National Kosher Supervision under Rabbi Mehlman

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