Kosher Elegance

If ever a name was perfectly suited to a cookbook, this is it. The book is a spectacular array of photographs of artfully arranged food. Oh yeah, and there are recipes too. But I think that somehow the recipes are beside the point. This is a book that you want to look at – over and over again. We have a few cake decorating cookbooks in our home. I am not being modest when I tell you that I will NEVER make any of the cakes featured in those books. I don’t have the creative skills, the time or the patience. But my kids and I just love to look at them. It’s art in food form. I feel the same way about Kosher Elegance. It is just such a pleasure to look at the pictures. And the truth is, I may actually try some of the recipes. But I guarantee that my Pistachio-Liver Paté will never look like the swirled mousse that Efrat Libfroind’s does. It takes a special talent to present food so artistically and Mrs. Libfroind clearly possesses that skill. It’s a beautiful book from start to finish. And maybe I could try the Crown Jewel Rice or the Lettuce, Sweet Potato and Apple Salad. Perhaps even the Bite-Sized Rolls with Chicken-Pine Nut Filling. Check out our Giveaway for your chance to win a copy of this special book.

6 thoughts on “Kosher Elegance

  1. Haven’t seen this site for a while. Been so busy haven’t had time to menu plan but love this site and have used it on many occasion. Have a good week! I have admired this new cookbook for sometime now and would love to win a copy!

  2. I don’t know what’s better looking…. the pictures in the post or the actual food! Will definitely have to check out the book for the pictures and ideas.

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