A Muffin A Day


photo: healthfulchef.com

By: Shani Goldner MS RD CDN CFI

Most of us enjoy eating muffins. Whether as breakfast with a coffee or tea or as a snack sometime during the day, we just love muffins. Some of us dieters think that store bought low-fat muffins will help us stay slim. We can suffer through our dietary restrictions as long as we know that we can have a muffin as a reward.

Imagine my surprise when I read a nutrition label on a package of low-fat muffins! It said that there were eight servings in the package but I only counted four muffins in the box. I do not know about you, but I never eat half a muffin now and wrap up the other half of the muffin for the next day! The 230 calorie muffin with 4 grams of fat just turned into 460 calories with 8 grams of fat, the same amount as a slice of chocolate cake!

However, there is a way to enjoy muffins once again and not feel guilty. By preparing them yourself, you can boost your calcium, protein, lower the fat content, and load up on fiber. So relax and savor these delicious muffins.

Best Ever Carrot Zucchini Muffins

Shani Goldner is a Registered Dietitian and a CDN with a Master’s of Science. She runs a private nutrition practice where she counsels children, adolescents and adults in weight loss, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular health and cancer related nutrition. She has a practice in Long Island and Brooklyn. She can be reached at (516) 596-7934 or at (718) 854-5784. She is an Oxford provider. Phone consults are available. For more information please visit www.mynydiet.com

One thought on “A Muffin A Day

  1. i made these muffins they were great! I udes white whole wheat flour… for added nutrition, and reg suger( i try to stay away from artificial stuff) they were great thanks so much!