Skinny Cheesecake


Especially on Shavuot, I go for full fat desserts, but if you are watching your calories this is a great cheesecake recipe to have your cheesecake and eat it too.
½ cup graham cracker crumbs
1 ½ cups fat free small curd cottage cheese
1 cup Eggbeaters (original)
½ cup sugar
½ package (4 ounces) fat free cream cheese
¼ teaspoon fresh lemon zest
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Spray bottom and dies of 9-inch square baking dish with cooking spray. Sprinkle graham crumbs evenly onto the bottom and up the sides of baking dish. Place cottage cheese and egg beaters in a food processor or blender and blend until smooth. Add sugar, cream cheese, lemon zest, and lemon juice. Blend until smooth. Pour into prepared baking dish. Bake 50 minutes, or until center is set and top is lightly browned. Cool and refrigerate at least 2 hours or until chilled. Cut into squares to serve. Garnish with fruit.

2 thoughts on “Skinny Cheesecake

  1. I live in Canada and have Israeli recipes for cheesecake. what is the equivalent for 2 cups of sour crème is it 500 grams?