Shavuot Cheesecake Recipes


One of the songs my kids used to listen to when they were younger was about the Jewish holidays. I no longer recall most of the words (maybe I’ve blocked them from my mind after hearing them so many times!) but I do remember the singer cuing the children, “On Shavuot we love to eat…” and they would yell out “Cheesecake!!!!!!” (Yes, it was very loud). But they were correct and old or young, Shavuot cheesecake is our favorite treat and a memory we are creating for the holiday. My husband likes the plain classic cheesecake recipes (he also prefers vanilla ice cream!) whereas I prefer the more interesting variations. So here is a list of a few different cheesecake recipes, with something for everyone. And of course, we always welcome your contributions.

Amaretto Cheesecake
Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake
Coconut Cheesecake

5 thoughts on “Shavuot Cheesecake Recipes

  1. I am looking for a LEMON cheesecake. I tasted one at a simcha years ago that was amazing. It was light a fluffy (they must have whipped the egg whites) and lemony and divine.
    Anybody have a recipe?

    • We will be on the lookout for a good one. We like to try them first so stay tuned. Any reader have a good one?

  2. I have made the same cheesecake for over 40 years (my husband says that it can only be this cheesecake). We’ve done away with the crust and we put out jams and pie fillings so everyone can have their own topping. However, what has always bugged me (and husband says it wouldn’t be the same without) is that the top always cracks. Is there any solution for this? Chag Sameach

    • HI, We answered below but here it is again…hope this helps

      Cheesecakes crack for a few reasons, over-baking, over-mixing, or when cooling the sides of the cheesecake cannot pull away so it forms a crack. All are common. First, do not over-mix it. Mix the ingredients well and then add the eggs just to incorporate. The less air in the batter the less likely to crack. Second, bake it in a water bath so that it heats slowly and gently all the way through the cooking process (place the cheesecake in its springform in a larger pan filled halfway with water and bake in this). And do not overbake it. It is done, when there is gentle movement in the center. This will cook through upon cooling. Lastly, grease the sides of the springform pan before using and cool on the counter for just a few minutes, then gently use a knife to free in from the pan so it can cool completely. Finally, if it still has cracks make a delicious topping and no one will ever know its cracked.

  3. Does anyone know of a real cheesecakey cheesecake that is not too hard to make, and does not have too many eggs?
    i have made the same cheesecake for the past 3 years but i miss the real cheesecakieness of it and am looking for a new recipe