The Kosher Food Wine Experience 2011


The KFWE 2011 was bigger and better than ever. Especially since I shared it with so many GKC readers and friends. A few thousand people sharing great kosher food and wine while overlooking the magnificent NY skyline; what more could you want?

Some GKC favorites were there like My Brother Bobby’s Salsa; with the freshest, zestiest salsas ever (he added corn to his green tomatillo salsa and I love the addition of color and texture) and of course GKC friend Jeff Nathan of Abigael’s was there with a dynamite dish, polenta with wild mushroom ragout and truffle oil (admittedly, I had two). GKC friend Chef Jose Meirelles owner and chef at Le Marais made a fantastic smoked duck breast with French lentil salad and mustard vinaigrette. Chef David Kolotkin from Solo prepared a wonderful slow-braised short ribs and a porcini mushroom veloute (I couldn’t believe it was pareve and would love that recipe). A new addition this year was Gemstone Catering. Chef Andy Blackman was a superstar in taste and presentation. All GKC friends loved the perfect (I mean perfectly prepared) seared tuna over mango and jicama salad. Followed by the show-stopping pulled brisket slider. Pulled brisket is a big food trend and this kosher chef got it just right. It’s first marinated in a 12-spice dry rub, then smoked with hickory and apple wood for 18 hours and finally simmered in a special bbq sauce. A few more highlights in food…my Pomegranate favorites were their dips, green olive spread, tasty and smooth, and their pareve bleu cheese dip. This is a cool item and I can’t wait to get some and try it in so many recipes. It’s a spread so it cannot be used as a crumbled cheese but it definitely had a bleu cheese flavor. Way to go Pomegranate. Subsational, a sandwich style restaurant in Brooklyn surprised us with a great short rib smoked chili with corn relish. And for dessert the GKC fav was the mini Meyer lemon meringue pie by chef Moses Wendel from the new restaurant Pardes. Lemony, smooth, crisp sweet crust and gorgeous to look at and even more amazing to taste.

All this great food was enjoyed and discussed while sipping the finest kosher wines. So who doesn’t like the Castel Grand Vin? But never miss a chance to have some more. This is the case for GKC favorite Covenant Winery too. The Covenant C is amongst the finest kosher wines in its price point and since it’s only available in limited quantities, I would definitely get some. My friend Miriam who is a wine connoisseur and professional directed us to the Herzog Oak Knoll, smooth, tasty, and a show hit. So popular that they ran out. The Alexander wines were remarkable, and each one impressed. Miriam directed us next to Shiloh, which turned out to be the surprise of the evening. Both the Secret Reserve Petit Syrah and Cabernet were terrific, the Petit with fruit flavors like cherry and the Cab so smooth and full bodied. The winery is located in Shiloh, Israel and makes a trip to Shiloh sound pretty great. We finished the delicious evening with two outstanding special wines, Herzog ’06 Generation VIII Cabernet and the Goose Bay Special Reserve. Matt from New Zealand at Goose Bay reserved a little something special for us on the way out that will be released soon. ‘09 Goose Bay Pinot Noir from Nelson had the perfect aroma and taste to end the evening on such a high note. It was a fabulous evening (readers have already emailed to reserve a spot for next year); congratulations Royal Wine on such a success!

2 thoughts on “The Kosher Food Wine Experience 2011

  1. This event was simply awesome!!! My wife and I agree, the Tuna & BBQ sliders at the Gemstone Catering booth was the best (and most beautifully presented) food we had all night, that paired with the new Covenant Wine….we were in kosher food heaven!