Do It Yourself Marshmallow Cocoa Dippers

I saw this idea in Good Housekeeping magazine and I thought it was perfect for this section. It is super easy, attractive, fun and, of course, delicious.

Large marshmallows
Melted Chocolate

Sprinkles (the magazine calls for red sprinkles but you can use whatever color you like – it’s nice to match them with the color of the straw!)

Stick the straws inside the marshmallows, being careful not to let them poke all the way through. Lay out a bowl of melted chocolate, a plate of sprinkles and waxed paper. Did marshmallow in chocolate to coat and then did just the bottom and slightly up the sides in the sprinkles. Place on waxed paper (maybe sitting on a cookie sheet to give it a solid bottom) to cool. Dip inside your next steaming mug of hot chocolate

6 thoughts on “Do It Yourself Marshmallow Cocoa Dippers

  1. I would love to make these for my son’s upsherin! Can you please give any suggestions as to where to buy nice straws? Thanks!

    • I found the striped straws at and other colors or options at has some with streamers and other fun options.

  2. These would be a pretty idea even without the hot cocoa. Maybe use candy sticks in place of the straws or even the sticks they sell to make lollipops found in the baking section of arts and crafts stores like michaels or ac moore. If you want to be really fancy and have time you can even decorate those sticks.