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Everyday Honey by the Savannah Bee Company will sweeten up your day and your new year! The Savannah Bee buzzed onto my table and we can’t wait for you to try it! Ted Dennard, the beekeeper and founder of the Savannah Bee Company comes from Savannah Georgia and has been making honey since he was 12 years old. He has traveled the world learning the art and technique of beekeeper, extracting and creating the most flavorful honeys to enjoy year round. This honey will liven up your barbeques, your tea, and even your cheese. Orange blossom, grill honey, Tupelo, Wildflower, tea honey, each flavor is unique and extraordinary. Savannah Bee Company also uses their honey to create soothing and creamy lip balms, soaps, and hand creams. They are KSA kosher certified.

Although Ted Dennard has been making honey since he was a little boy, the Savannah Bee Company was only started in 1998. Ted was pouring his honey into tiny tins and giving them as gifts to friends and family. When he started selling his home-extracted Tupelo honey around town in 1998, people loved the purity and richness, and the word spread quickly. “I was bottling honey in the kitchen and keeping bees on the roof,” he recalls. When more Savannah stores wanted to sell his honey, he moved the operation to his garage. The little business continued growing, until he was forced to ask himself the ultimate question: To bee or not to bee? 2010 finds Ted operating a 40,000 square foot warehouse on Wilmington Island, a bridge’s distance from the City of Savannah. Savannah Bee operates two retail stores, bottles two distinct lines of world-class honeys, and manufactures a luxury beeswax-based body care line. It is available at in all varieties and at many specialty and gourmet shops. GKC loves it and can’t wait for the lucky winner to tell us how much they love it too.

The best part…Rosh Hashanah is coming and everyone will surely love it on those round challahs!

9 thoughts on “Savannah Bee – Everyday Honey

  1. As wonderful as any honey is for Rosh Hashannah, the Yom Tovim, having different and unusual honeys to taste makes Yom Tov even more special.


  2. as a native of savannah, i’ve been eating this honey since i first heard about it and it’s the ONLY honey i’ll eat…the tupelo is my favorite flavor….also, we have carried it in our shul gift shop for years…if you don’t win it, go buy some!!!!

  3. I have a tradition on Rosh Hashana of serving different types of honey that my guests would usually not have tasted! (usually in one of the many honey jars that I collect) I try present at least 3 different kinds. This would be the perfect addition. I may just order some anyway….

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