Vodka is best best stored in and served from the freezer. That’s why it’s the perfect summer drink – straight up. It’s ice cold and refreshing – and has that kick. It’s a great way to start Shabbos dinner (after Kiddush of course) and certainly if you have new or unfamiliar guests, it goes a long way towards relaxing them! There are many kosher flavored vodkas but I’m a purist. I find the flavors a little too artificial and prefer adding my own slice of lime or lemon or splash of cranberry juice. And of all the brands we’ve tried – and we’ve tried a lot! – Vox remains our favorite (although we don’t turn down our nose at the others and appreciate that large bottle of Grey Goose that is in our freezer) Vodka can be paired with just about anything. We’d love to hear your suggestions and creations.

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