Spring is Here, Time to Celebrate!


Although the harvest traditionally takes place in October there is something about the spring bounty that makes you want to count your blessings. All the beautiful and luscious fruits and vegetables in their vibrant colors dancing in the sunshine just make you want to smile. It’s much easier to eat healthier this time of year when each bite of a ripe peach or bright red strawberry is filled with flavor. I like to go the Farmer’s Market just to look – and appreciate. In the weeks to come, here at GKC we will be providing recipes that take advantage of the bright spring vegetables and the juicy summer fruits. Stay tuned. And if you have some great recipes of your own, send them in. We like pies, ratatouilles, crisps and some vegetables just barely sautéed. We’re working on less time in the kitchen and more time outdoors…

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