Easy Soft Pastrami


2 pounds Pastrami in a whole piece from the deli counter (a chunk of cooked pastrami)
Assorted mustards, whole grain, honey mustard, Dijon
Aluminum Foil

Wrap pastrami in aluminum foil. Prepare a blech for Shabbos or a warming tray. Fill a stockpot or a 3-quart pot with about 10 cups of water (about as much as you would fill a pot if you were making pasta). Bring the water to a boil. Add the pastrami and turn off the heat. Cover the pot and place it on the warming tray or on the blech. Leave the pot covered and undisturbed until ready to serve. Remove the pot and carefully take out the pastrami. Dispose of the aluminum foil. Slice and serve with an assortment of mustards for dipping.

Wine suggestion: Altoona Hills Shiraz from OnlineKosherWine.com

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