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  1. Actually, making gefilte fish from scratch is not difficult at all. I’ve been doing it since I got married, almost 47 years ago. All you need is a fish store which will grind the fish for you, an electric mixer and a few simple ingredients. My fish is sweet and spicy, as per my grandmother’s and mother’s instructions. It’s so good that people who normally won’t touch gefilte fish can’t get enough or it. Anyone who wants the recipe can have it.

  2. Excellent recipe. But I boiled the water and vegetables before putting in the frozen loaf. I tried it with A&B gefilte fish. (I find them the best)I tried your recipe with the regular style and with the salmon loaf. I love the twist of the oregano. I personally add black peppercorns. delicious.

  3. To get the real original gefilte flavor I find the less you put in the better.
    To the water add: sugar, salt, pepper, fresh onion, carrot, celery.
    My brand of choice is the Benz’s Gefilte Fish, I find it has the best flavor and texture and the least filler.

  4. everything as others but leave fish in paper wrapper then 45 minutes in microwave at lowest setting, take off paper, cool, slice fish, interleave with carrots, surround with onions, pour on a little juice, all done and delicious.

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