When Julia Child was asked what her favorite wine was, she purportedly responded “Gin”. I can identify – although not particularly with gin. I am not a big wine fan but I do like a good scotch. My all-time favorite (this girl has expensive tastes) is LaGavulin, a single malt scotch whiskey produced in the town of…you guessed it…LaGavulin on the island of Islay. It has a strong smoky flavor and is not to everyone’s taste but we’re hooked.

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One thought on “LaGavulin

  1. That is a great post! I had the opportunity to visit the Lagavulin Distillery on Islay when I visited Scotland last year. That wonderful smokey flavor comes from the peet found all over the island. I have been slowly enjoying the limited edition celebration Scotch available only the day we visited.

    While we were there we were shown the tradition of Lagavulin and oysters. Simply add a little Lagavulin (any year will do) Tabasco if you like Tabasco, and tilt your head back. Surprisingly the perfect combination!