Las Vegas



If you avoid the casinos (and we do!), Las Vegas can be a fun vacation with some decent dining options for the kosher consumer. After you have exhausted yourself all morning wandering through one hotel after another and marveling at the theme décor, drive your tired selves to Panini Café for lunch. A dairy/Israeli restaurant, the menu offers a wide variety of options – something to please everyone’s palate. Everything was fresh and tasty and while I particularly enjoyed the roasted beet salad, even the fussiest eater in my family found something to satisfy his needs.

After an afternoon magic show (that’s when the family friendly ones take place!) you can continue your hotel exploration. Maybe you want to cap the day off with a gondola ride along the “canals” in the Venetian Hotel.

For dinner, the most elegant (and expensive) option is the Village Steakhouse. You can settle down for a gourmet culinary experience in a relaxed atmosphere. After a nice glass of wine and a sumptuous meal, you may be ready to cancel the massage you have scheduled for the next day!!

Other kosher restaurants in Las Vegas include Adar Pizza, Haifa Restaurant, Sababa and Tari Restaurant. Check online or call for further information.

2 thoughts on “Las Vegas

  1. My 23-yr old son recently spent a weekend in Vegas with some friends; for Shabbat lunch they ordered chulent, complete with crockpot, utensils and ingredients, ready to cook, delivered to their hotel on Friday.

  2. We went to Haifa restaurant when we visited Las Vegas last September and the food was really good! The service was a bit spotty but the food really did make up for it.