Brick Roast



4 to 5-lb, Aarons fresh brick roast
1 spanish onion, diced
Garlic powder
1 package onion soup mix
½ sm. jar hot and spicy duck sauce
½ sm. jar sweet and sour duck sauce

Heat 2 tablespoons oil in large skillet. Sauté onion in oil. Smear oil over roast and sprinkle pepper, garlic powder and paprika liberally. Put onions on top of roast. Mix duck sauce and onion soup mix together and pour over roast (can change the ratio of duck sauce according to taste). Marinate overnight. Cover tightly and bake covered 2-2 ½ hours at 350°. Uncover for ½ hour to brown the meat. Baste often.

13 thoughts on “Brick Roast

  1. I have to tell you that everyone in my family requested this roast for the second week in a row. It is THAT good. It’s easy to make; it tastes wonderful; everyone in my family will eat it!!!

  2. What is a brick roast? I looked in the usual place where I shop, and there was no meat with the designation “brick roast”.


  3. Good and easy recipe.
    Depending on your family you may want to cut out the spicy duck sauce and use the regular. I tried both.

  4. I also have a container of onion soup mix (Osem’s 14.1 ounce canister)- can you translate “1 package of onion soup mix” into cups/tablespoons?

  5. What would be the cooking time for your brick roast recipe with duck sauce if I prefer it rear? How much is 1/2 a small jar of duck sauce? Thanks.

  6. You asked last year what to do if you want a rare roast. There are two best answers – one is to use another recipe and the other is to know that this is a “pot roast” and not a dry roast dish. All can be delish.

  7. What size jar is a “small” jar of duck sauce? I buy the 40 0z. jars of Gold’s duck sauce. Can you give a more specific measurement? Thnx.

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