Have Crock-pot, Will Travel


Although there are now more kosher vacations than ever, it is not always possible to participate. They may be prohibitively expensive. The timing may not be convenient. Or maybe they are at a location that just doesn’t pique your interest. Then it’s back to travel the old-fashioned way, trusty crock-pot in hand.

One summer, as a small family vacation, we rented a home overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the small coastal town of Cambria. The living room had a wall of glass, allowing us a spectacular view. The shore was rocky, making for interesting exploration and there was a nature trail on a small bluff just above the water cover with gopher holes – and their occupants.

For a break, we wandered the small streets and artist’s galleries in town.

One of the days we drove to San Simeon and toured the palatial home of William Randolph Hearst.

Eating wasn’t as easy as on a kosher retreat but I couldn’t really complain (I may have tried once or twice). I put the meal and vegetables or chicken and grains in the crock-pot first thing in the morning and by the end of the summer’s day, it was ready.

And so was I – with plastic table covers, paper plates and plastic silverware in hand.

It may not have been gourmet (I don’t think I’ll post any of the recipes!) but it was hearty and filling and all eyes were on the ocean as we sat quietly and watched the sun set beneath the waves.

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