I have the same conversation with my kids everyday when I pick them up from school. They get into the car and without breaking stride ask, “What’s for dinner?” And I always say, “How about ‘Hi mom, how was your day?’” To which they dutifully respond, “Hi mom, how was your day? What’s for dinner?”

The dialogue never changes. And the question of what’s for dinner never ceases to plague us.

And not only that. On top of the creative challenges of weeknight dinners, we also have the responsibility for Shabbos and Yom Tov meals. It can be a bit overwhelming.

But a lot of fun and a tremendous source of satisfaction as well.

Please join us as we explore fresh new weeknight ideas (along with some old and familiar standbys), unique Shabbos menus (and of course the traditional too) and some particularly delicious holiday offerings.

We hope that you will enjoy this site and we want to hear from you. Send us your feedback, your recipes, your thoughts. Refer your friends.

With every meal, lovingly and thoughtfully prepared, we are each adding a new brick to our miniature Bais HaMikdosh.

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