The Charleston Experience


After subsisting on cold food eaten in our rooms as we traveled through Georgia and South Carolina, my husband and I were thrilled to arrive at the Broad Street Guest House in Charleston. It is the first and only kosher bed and breakfast in the area and a warm respite for weary travelers.

Built around 1884, this inn is located within easy walking distance of the most famous historic homes of the region. A safe area to stroll in the evening, many of the antique chandeliers and furnishings can be glimpsed through the windows. Not to be missed is the tour of the Calhoun Mansion built in 1874. I can’t do justice to it here but I promise that you have never seen anything like it in your life!! There are more homes to see along the waterfront as well as a beautiful harbor view.

It is a short drive from the guest house to the ferry that takes tourists and school children to Fort Sumter, or you can choose another direction and visit some of the preserved plantations, most notably Drayton Hall and Middleton Place.

The Broad Street Guest House as 4 rooms (we stayed on the upper floor in the Bryna Malka suite) and can accommodate up to 13 people.

A warm and inviting breakfast welcomes guests every morning, with hot brewed coffee (the most essential traveling need of all), fresh smoothies, muffins and bread pudding. There are also omelets, sometimes pancakes and fresh-squeezed fruit juice.

The bed and breakfast is almost always booked over Shabbos, providing guests with another opportunity to enjoy the home-style cooking of the owner, Hadassah Rothenberg, and to meet and engage with fellow travelers. The shul is just a few blocks away.

Charleston also boasts a kosher Krispy Kreme donuts and a small pareve restaurant also run by Ms. Rothenberg.

Charleston is a wonderful city to visit. The homes are beautiful, it is historically interesting and much of it is accessible by foot.

Add in a kosher bed and breakfast and you should be planning your trip now. For more information, please go to

2 thoughts on “The Charleston Experience

  1. I happen to live in Charleston! I was so excited to see this article. The Inn is beautiful and we have a wonderful community! Charleston is fantastic! Please come and visit us!